The ANKA Crush is a high-end fully hydraulic stainless steel chute for professional Hoof Trimmers with the CE conformity label. The design focusses both on the ergonomics of the worker as well as on the cow comfort. The crush weight 800kg, so it can be towed to a tuck or charged on a trailer, making it the best transportable crush for professionals worldwide.

How Does It Work

Hydraulic drives for every action.
Cow is fixed with two belly bands.
Every foot is lifted to a restraint point where flexor tendon is pushed and no movement is possible.
Crush (Chute) is lifted to workers height no matter small or big people.
Front and hind gates are also hydraulic driven.
High tech precise and long lasting ropes.


1. One Hoof Trimmer no assistant
Pere Malet (Digitrim) in Can Bes Farm (130 cows, 1 trimming x year ) 2 morning work 9 AM - 13.30 PM 65 cows /morning

2. High efficient maintenance trimming
Miguel Antonio Ledezma and Jorge Guevara in Valle de Odieta Farm (4.000 cows), Hoof Trimming every week. Two workers, every week, 8 hours work, Job rotation Trimmer, Helper every 2 hours.

Customize your own Crush (Chute)

Choose the ítems you want to add to the crush (chute) and ask for a budget and detailed information

Select the options you want to include in your crush (chute) clicking on them, then fill the form with your personal data and ask for a budget and additional information

ANKA standard crush (chute), includes:

3 phases 400 v engine.
Hydraulic lift of the crush (chute).
Hydraulic lift of twin belly bands.
Hydraulic front gate.
Hydraulic hind gate.
One hydraulic function for each limb.

For loading and unloading the crush (chute) to the truck or trailer.
For transport inside the farm.

Barrier set ensambling together that allow cows to be driven to the crush (chute).
Made in light stainless steel.

Allows on single worker to push and catch the cow in the crush (chute)(together with the access gate).
Strong water and shock proof.

One lamp for each front foot.
One lamp large lamp for both hind feet.
Water proof IP 65.

Instead of standard 3 phases for those that have no available three phases


Best Work Quality - Ergonomic

You can trim for hours with no back fatigue. Upright back in natural position, not too bended (problem with Bulkberg model), not too upright (problem with Accutrim)

Perfect leg restraint during treatment with the optimal angle. Good point of view to balance heel height. Accessible treatment of any lesion. Accurate grinder and knife work around abscess. Easier and better hoof trimming.


Stainless steel frame for an easy efficient cleaning.

Cow Comfort

The combination of remote control front gate and up-down driven hind gate permits an fast smooth cow transition.

Unstressing for cows compared to tilt tables.

Light weight corral chute access available

The Anka crush can also fit and lift bulls. Like this Limousin bull weighted 1.300kg.


Our crush weights 800 kg.
It can be towed to a truck (available self charging hydraulic drive). Or charged on a trailer.

We can provide different models single or twin wheels.

American heavy chutes are not aloud to carry with regular driving permit, ours yes.

The crush can also be transported on a trailer.